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Performance of aluminum oxide plate

  • 2019-12-03
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In the surface technology of aluminum plate, anodizing is a widely used and successful process. It looks like a simple transparent film, but it is composed of numerous hexagonal columns arranged into honeycomb structure. Its structure is compact, and the honeycomb structure is tightly integrated with the aluminum surface. Because of its special structure, a simple layer of film has been given a variety of excellent functions.

1. Good corrosion performance:

The most important difference between aluminum oxide plate and unoxidized aluminum plate is its corrosion resistance. When aluminum oxide plate has corrosion resistance, it is more suitable to be applied to the exterior wall of buildings. With the baptism of years, an aluminum plate with strong corrosion resistance can go through decades without any change in its color.

2. Scratch resistance:

After a piece of ordinary non oxidized aluminum is exposed to the air for a period of time, it will produce a layer of ordinary oxide film, but this layer of oxide film has no protective effect, and the performance will change with time. But after special oxidation, a common aluminum plate will produce a hard wear-resistant layer. Its surface hardness can reach the sapphire level, and the Mohr hardness can reach the 9 level.

3. No charge on the surface:

Metal is a kind of conductive material, its surface is easy to generate electric charge, which will absorb dust and dust in the air, so that its original bright surface is slightly gray. Aluminum oxide completely solves this problem. It makes the original charged aluminum plate become insulator, and the surface is not easy to be stained with dust, so that the surface of aluminum oxide plate is easier to be treated.



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