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We respect everyone's knowledge and ability, and pay attention to the quality training of employees. We provide opportunities and environment for fair competition. Strive to achieve self-worth through competition and cooperation. Our basic talent concept is: develop both morality and talent, take morality as the first, professional dedication as the basis, team first. We don't know people with Bole's insight, only let the horse race gallop.

Principle of employment:

Know people: know people, understand people, respect people, not only know people's table, but also know people's potential;

Accommodation: create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, do not seek full blame, allow to improve self-discipline;

Education: Based on health, moral education first, skills first, and all people become talents;

Employment: provide each employee with a stage to display their talents and create opportunities for learning, development and promotion;

Be a man: treat each other with sincerity, be kind to others, be dedicated to work, be devoted to duty, take the company as the home, and share the honor and disgrace with the company.




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