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Processing method of aluminum plate

  • 2019-12-03
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I'm sure you're familiar with the aluminum plate material. The aluminum plate manufacturer said that after the production of aluminum plate, further processing of this material is needed to produce the products we need. What are the methods of aluminum plate processing?

The first is sheet metal processing. This is mainly to cut, weld and polish the flat plate, and process the aluminum plate into the corresponding shape and size according to the production requirements. This is only the first step of processing. After the shape and size are determined, we need to spray the plate surface. There are two ways to spray the paint, one is manual spraying, the other is machine spraying. At present, most of the domestic manufacturers use manual spraying. Machine spraying is only applicable to regular plates, but often actually There are few regular plates in the process of using. After that, the aluminum plate is processed and shaped. Generally, it is mainly processed according to the design drawings. Here, the welding operation is required. When using the equipment, we should remind everyone to pay attention to safety.



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