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What's the difference between tin paper and aluminum foil?

  • 2019-12-03
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The difference between them lies in the thickness and high temperature resistance. "Tin paper" is produced by metal tin rolling, and "aluminum foil" is produced by metal aluminum rolling.

Tin paper is softer than aluminum foil. At the same time, because of its low melting point, tin paper can not be heated, or it begins to embrittle when it is heated to more than 160 ℃, so it can only be used in food packaging, such as barbecue food and baked food.

Aluminum foil paper, because its melting point is higher than 660 ℃ before melting, can be applied to ordinary barbecue food, bakery food, clean and sanitary while maintaining the original flavor. Therefore, after the price of aluminum decreased, aluminum foil replaced tin paper in daily life. However, due to the influence of aluminum on brain development, the current aluminum foil surface will be coated to avoid the release of aluminum.


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