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Why do you need to clean the aluminum coil?

  • 2019-12-03
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In the cold rolling process of aluminum coil, because of the friction and rolling between the roll and the surface of aluminum plate, its surface will produce fine aluminum oxide powder falling off and adsorption, rolling oil and its associated suspended components will remain on the surface of aluminum coil, which will have adverse effects on the processing of aluminum coil composite, coating and other finished products. In the process of stretch bending and straightening, due to the severe bending deformation of the strip on the roll, part of the tension applied to the strip is transformed into the pressure exerted by the strip on the tension roll, and finally the friction force is formed to drive the roll group. If the surface of the alumina coil is not cleaned, the alumina powder will fall off when it is deformed, and it will be attached to the roller surface of the tension roller together with the oil stain, which will cause the roller surface to wear and slightly damage the aluminum plate, so it must be cleaned by a special cleaning device.

Alumina roll

Aluminum coil cleaning is to use a pressure pump to pressurize the cleaning medium, spray or brush the surface of the strip in a non-contact manner, so that the aluminum powder oil on the surface of the material dissolves and falls off into the cleaning medium, and then it is squeezed dry by the squeezing roller, purged by high-pressure air, or even dried by high-temperature air, so as to obtain a clean and dry aluminum coil. At the same time, through continuous supplement of cleaning medium and simultaneous use of on-line circulating filtration system, the cleaning medium is kept sufficient and clean, and the heat energy and cleaning medium are greatly saved. At present, the commonly used cleaning media of the straightener in the aluminum coil processing industry are cleaning agent (or solvent oil), softened hot water and chemical solvent. Foshan Andeli provides aluminum coil cleaning, passivation, anodizing, wire drawing and other surface treatment processing.



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