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What are the specific precautions for the installation of curtain wall aluminum plate?

  • 2019-12-03
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The sealing of joints is not strict, uneven, and there are bubbles and seepage phenomena. When the caulking is finished, the polyethylene foam will be used to block the surface of the board. When the sealant is poured into the sealant, there will be a certain pressure at the end, so that it will not adhere to the slit tightly, and the sealing is not strict. The operators are not skilled in operation, and the distance between the javelin and the caulking seam is not uniform when the joints are slit, and the pressure is uneven, resulting in uneven thickness and more joints. Air causes uneven surface of sealant, bubble and water seepage; material problem: quality problem of silicone sealant. Prevention and control measures: good material selection and tool performance; carefully insert the sealing filler, keep the distance between the filling surface and the board surface consistent, and embed the sealant in the same depth, so that the joint is dense and the joint surface is straight; the operator is skilled, keep the caulking gun steady, keep the speed even and the distance consistent, remove the air as soon as it is embedded, once there is a bubble, pierce it, and use the trowel to flatten it to remove the air 。

Aluminum panel customization

The board surface is not flat, vertical, wide and narrow, and the height is inconsistent; the causes are: the horizontal and vertical of the skeleton are out of tolerance, the elevation is not smooth, the board surface installation is out of tolerance, and the hole is misplaced; prevention and control: from the installation of embedded parts and expansion bolts, it must be carefully operated. During the installation of the framework, horizontal and vertical stay lines shall be drawn, and the plane shall be flat, and then the theodolite shall be used for inspection and process acceptance; the positioning and drilling of the plate and the framework must be accurate; during the installation of the plate, it is not allowed to be random, and the installation must be carried out according to the scheme and snapping line position. Before installation, the size and shape of the plate shall be checked, and the plate can be installed only after checking. The deformation resistance of aluminum panel customized curtain wall system; scientific mechanical calculation must be carried out for each important part of the curtain wall system, considering the impact of wind pressure, self weight, earthquake, temperature and other functions on the curtain wall system, carefully checking the embedded parts, connection system, keel system, panel and fastener to ensure the safety of the curtain wall.

Aluminum plate

Whether the plate adopts floating connection? Floating connection ensures the recovery ability of the curtain wall after deformation, ensures the integrity of the curtain wall, does not cause the deformation of the curtain wall due to the force, and avoids the occurrence of bulge or depression on the surface of the curtain wall. The fixation mode of plate plays a decisive role in the flatness of plate installation. The inconsistent stress of each fixed point of the plate will cause the deformation of the surface material and affect the exterior decoration effect. Therefore, the fixed way of the plate must adopt the fixed way of fixed distance compression to ensure the flatness of the surface of the aluminum plate curtain wall. Whether there are reinforcement measures at the edge removal of composite profile material; because the folding edge of composite profile material only retains the thickness of front panel, the thickness becomes thinner and the strength decreases, so there must be reliable reinforcement measures for edge removal.

Aluminum plate manufacturer

Whether the stiffeners are reasonably arranged at the back of the slab to increase the strength and rigidity of the slab surface. The arrangement distance of the stiffeners and the strength and rigidity of the stiffeners must meet the requirements to ensure the use function and safety of the curtain wall. Whether the waterproof sealing method of brushed aluminum plate is reasonable or not; there are many waterproof sealing methods, such as structural waterproof, internal waterproof, gluing sealing, and different sealing methods have different prices. Choose the appropriate sealing method for the project to ensure the function and exterior decoration effect of curtain wall. Whether the selected materials meet the specifications, standards and design requirements.



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