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What are the common problems of switching aluminum plate drilling

  • 2019-12-03
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Switching aluminum plate is a common situation we often encounter. What are the general problems when switching aluminum plate? Here is a detailed explanation:

1. Puffer like chip: during NC machining, machine tool or automatic line machining, aluminum oxide plate R & D experts pointed out that they expected to get this shape of chip, because such chips would not wrap on the cutter and workpiece. And it's easy to organize.

2. Chipping: when turning brittle materials such as cast iron, brittle brass and cast bronze, aluminum oxide plate R & D experts pointed out that it is easy to form needle like or fragment like chipping, which is not only easy to splash and hurt people, but also easy to grind and damage machine tools. If the chip rolling method is selected, the chips can be connected into short rolls.

3. Winded and curled chips: turning steel pieces with large cutting depth and large feed rate on heavy lathe, the chips are wide and thick. If C-shaped chips are formed, the cutting edge will be simply damaged and people will be injured by flying. Aluminum oxide board R & D experts pointed out that the radius of the groove bottom arc of the chip breaking groove is usually increased, so that the chips are broken in a hairline shape on the processing surface and fall by their own weight.

4. Banded chips: when high-speed cutting plastic metal data, aluminum oxide board R & D experts pointed out that if the chip breaking method is not adopted, it is very simple to form banded chips. This kind of chips are constantly flowing, often twining on the workpiece or tool, which is easy to scratch the surface of the workpiece or damage the cutting edge of the tool, even hurt people. Therefore, banded chips should be prevented as much as possible, but sometimes banded chips are expected to be obtained, so as to make cutting The chips can be discharged smoothly. For example, when boring a blind hole on a vertical boring machine.



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