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Related factors affecting the quality of aluminum coil

  • 2019-12-03
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Before that, we have learned a lot about the relevant properties of aluminum coil plate, or some practical skills. Today, we want to share which elements will cause problems or changes in the quality of aluminum coil plate.

1. Alloy elements:

6063 alloy is a kind of alloy with Al Mg Si as the main element, each element has a certain range of content, and the price of Mg is high. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers reduce the amount of magnesium to less allowable content. In some cases, the content of magnesium is lower than the allowable value of less content. There are also factories that add waste wires and waste pots and waste aluminum pans to the alloy, basically not 6063 alloy. As a result, the mechanical strength of aluminum profiles is very low, which can be bent easily with two hands and one bend, commonly known as noodles. This is one of the reasons why aluminum can be cheaper by several thousand yuan.

2. Aluminum alloy smelting furnace:

How to melt the 6063 alloy and what kind of furnace to use are also crucial. Now the furnaces used in China are at the level of 1940s and 1990s, and the original crucible boilers are used by smaller manufacturers. There are furnaces that burn coal, oil, gas and electricity. Some furnaces have chimneys, others have no chimneys. Generally, square furnace (rectangular furnace) is used, advanced one is round furnace, and some round furnaces can tilt aluminum water. There are one ton, two tons, five tons, ten tons, twenty-five tons and fifty tons of melting aluminum furnaces. More advanced, add a static furnace under the aluminum melting furnace, which is important for 6063 alloy preparation. In this furnace, slag and gas can be removed, static, and then cast aluminum rod, aluminum ceiling for extrusion. The quality of the alloy prepared in the original coal burning furnace and the modern round furnace is absolutely different. General furnaces, no matter what fuel they burn, should have a chimney. Most of the waste gas and waste residue generated during the combustion of fuel can be discharged from the chimney. If all the waste gas from the chimney is melted in the aluminum water, the aluminum rod for extrusion will have serious slag inclusion bubbles inside, which is one of the reasons for the poor quality of aluminum materials, and one of the reasons for the low price of aluminum.

3. Alloy casting:

The level of foundry equipment in China is also far from each other. The older foundry equipment in China has the level of iron casting in the 1940s, and the advanced one has the hydraulic semi continuous casting. The crystal structure of the cast rod in the iron mold casting is poor, and there are a lot of slag inclusions and bubbles in the cast rod. The quality of the cast rod is poor. Now, it is common to use horizontal casting (also known as continuous casting) and semi continuous casting. Most of the steel wire ropes are driven by semi continuous casting, and the best hydraulic transmission. The length of semi continuous casting rod varies from 3m, 4m to 8m. The semi continuous casting is pit type. The casting is lowered at the same time. The cold water is used to cool all around. As the water cooling is uniform all around, the crystal structure of the casting rod is uniform and fine. However, the downward transmission of steel wire rope is not as stable as the hydraulic transmission, and the surface of the hydraulic casting rod is smoother than that of other casting rods. The smooth surface of the casting bar is one of the preconditions for extruding the profile. In order to ensure the quality of the profile, sometimes the rough surface of the bar is removed by turning the bar first. Now the commonly used semi continuous casting mold is an advanced, hot top and horizontal casting mold. The characteristics of this kind of casting mold can cast several to dozens of pieces at a time. At the same time, the casting quality is good. With high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy casting rod, it is possible to produce good aluminum profile. If the quality of the casting rod cast by the original and old casting equipment is worrying, it may not be able to produce good aluminum profile Timber. There are many aluminum factories in China, which do not have the equipment to produce aluminum bars, but purchase 6063 alloy bars from electric aluminum factories or other factories. In such aluminum factories, the quality of aluminum products is controlled by the production of casting rod factories, so the quality of aluminum products produced is difficult to reach stability. Compared with advanced casting equipment, using backward equipment has the advantages of small investment and low production cost, which is one of the reasons why the price difference of aluminum products is large.

4. Profile extrusion:

There are many kinds of profile extruders in China, and there is a great difference in the level. Some factories have their own simple extruders, some have been transformed by extrusion plastic machines, some are made in China, most of them are made in Taiwan, Japan, the United States and Germany, some are made of water pressure and oil pressure. In short, there are hundreds of extruders in China. It is generally believed that the extruders of Japan, the United States and Germany are better, followed by those of Taiwan. Better and worse extruders, the same cast bars, extruded profiles of the same quality. We often see 6063t5 for building aluminum doors and windows, which is an American brand internationally used.



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